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Let's Create Some Special Spaces!

Recently we connected with an organization we're excited to tell you about. Special Spaces is a nationwide organization that creates dream bedrooms for children with a life-threatening illness.

The goal? To provide a space for the child to heal, recover and find peace in the comfort of his/her own home.

With a team of volunteers from a sponsoring company, Special Spaces is able to transform a child's bedroom into his/her "dream bedroom" through donations of time, talent and treasure. AND the makeover itself happens in one day! Check out the video below for the Dream Room Makeover that recently took place for Aria, a bright little girl who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 3 1/2 years old and has spent her life since then being treated for it, including one year of chemotherapy.

The FT Cares Foundation is planning to sponsor a room makeover and we're looking for volunteers to help us on the day we do the "Dream Room Makeover" (date yet to be determined). We are working with Special Spaces to identify a child in need and we wanted to also reach out to you, our First Trust family, to see if you know of a child who fits into the guidelines of Special Spaces for the Dream Room Makeover.

The child must be in DuPage County or one of the surrounding suburbs in Lake, Kane, Will or Cook Counties. According to Special Spaces guidelines: to qualify, the child must have cancer, a brain tumor, a heart condition or need an organ transplant/to be a recipient of the Dream Room Makeover. The child can be in remission for up to a year and needs to be between the ages of 2-18. If you know of a child who fits these parameters, please get in touch with me.

The FT Cares Foundation is proud to work with Special Spaces in its mission of "Changing Children’s Lives---One Bedroom at a Time".

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