Who We Are
The FT Cares Foundation works to transform lives​, locally, nationally and globally. Through the Foundation, we’ve committed our resources and employees to show how much First Trust cares and how, together, we can help change the world. 

In early 2012, after five successful years of charity work, and having increased giving each year, the process of creating a Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, began. In May of 2012 the IRS granted tax-exempt status to FT Cares Foundation. The Foundation, which has five officers, a Board of Directors and a Director of Development, has a broad mandate: to continue to grow each year and transform lives locally, nationally and globally.


The Foundation is very purposeful in how it gives, and chooses organizations where it can have a strongest impact on the individuals served by an organization. For each month, the Foundation chooses a different charitable area in which to concentrate its efforts. Together with our parent organization First Trust Portfolios, located in Wheaton, the Foundation is proud to make an impact in its community, and has a mandate as well to impact others around the nation and the globe.

The Foundation is proud that 97% of every dollar brought in is, in turn, donated to our charitable partners.

The FT Cares Foundation is housed within First Trust Portfolios and is grateful for First Trust's support. The Foundation pays no salaries, nor are there office or overhead costs.

Board of Directors
Andrew Roggensack
Scott Jardine
Kristi Maher
Jane Doyle, President
Christina Knierim, Vice President
Amy Lum, Counsel
Debbie Del Giudice, Treasurer
Patricia Costello, Secretary
Lisa Weier, Director of Development