About Us


The Foundation is very purposeful in how it gives, and chooses organizations where it can have a strong impact on the individuals served by an organization.


For each month, the Foundation chooses a different charitable area in which to concentrate its efforts. Together with our parent organization First Trust, located in Wheaton, the Foundation is proud to make an impact in its community, as well as in Austin, TX, where First Trust has a second office.

   The Foundation is proud that 97% of every dollar

brought in is, in turn, donated to our charitable partners.



As we close in on our 10th year (May 2022), the Foundation continues to grow and increase its reach.


The Foundation has touched all 50 states and 25 countries.




Together with our donors, we carry our torch (incorporated in our logo) and with the power of many, we work to bring hope and help to those who need it.

Our Record of Growth and Charitable Donations:


- 977 Initiatives

- 85 Service Projects


$2,646,645 in Donations


"Carrying the Torch"