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We're New Again!

I'm pleased that as we ended our fifth full year--a year in which I'm very proud to say we reached the $1,000,000 mark in total donations---that we're also rolling out a new FT Cares Foundation website.

While our first obligation will always be to find the best charitable organizations we can partner with as we work to transform lives, we also consider it an important duty to be as transparent as possible. That's why you'll always be able to see what organizations we work with and how donations are being used. See the Calendar section for information on our monthly themes and initiatives and the Impact section to see the list of organizations we've partnered with each month.

But we also want the site to inform and delight you. We want you to see pictures as we (and you!) perform service projects. We want you to see the faces of the children who are eating healthy, nutritious food, or who have just moved into a home with their mother and siblings. We want to show you thank you letters from kids across the country as they tell us what the art supplies mean to them or how they love their new gym equipment. We want you to hear from a senior citizen who got several gifts from friends she'll never know. And we share these things with you not to congratulate the Foundation. No....we share them to thank YOU for the true impact you are making on others through donations to the Foundation. We appreciate, as I've always said, the trust and faith you have put into the Foundation, and we remember that every day as we do the work of the Foundation.

As I said from Day One of the Foundation's existence, and it's still true five years later: "We're just getting started!"

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support of the Foundation through partnership donations from your payroll or bonus; for your donations through Jeans Day for a Cause; for the times you have bought gifts, food, hats, gloves, coats, books or joined in a collection for other things; worked on a service project with us; gave us an idea for a charitable organization; prayed with us. You are responsible for taking a Foundation that had a dream----to an organization that in five years has impacted thousands of people locally, nationally and globally. Indeed. We're just getting started.

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