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Special Spaces

"The FT Cares Foundation made dreams come true. Special Spaces and the Lamb family are so grateful! We couldn’t have made this happen without you.


Without FT Cares Foundation, Emma wouldn’t have gotten a bedroom that included most of the things she loves. Without you, she wouldn't have gotten a new cottage bed (just like Princess Belle in the beginning of her story) and she would not have a castle (like Princess Belle when she moved in with the prince). Without you, she wouldn’t have a nest for her beloved Disney dragon, a dress-up area, a display for her gumball collection, a relaxing chair with a footrest where she can kick back after a busy day with a teacup in her hand, glancing over at her life-sized favorite Princess Belle with the playful and very custom gumballs falling down her dress. Thanks to you she now has all of it!"

My very best,


Special Spaces Chicagoland,

Associate Director & Designer

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