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Foundation Week Recap

August 4. Foundation Week!

2023 Foundation Week is in the Books!

Foundation Week began in 2014, and though we missed a year or two, including during the pandemic, we’re very proud of our celebrations of the work the Foundation has accomplished since 2012 and we are grateful for the continuing support from so many of you.

Scroll all the way down this post to see the GRAND TOTALS for Foundation Week through the years and some pictures of the fun!

A quick recap:

  • 2014, our first ever Foundation Day, netted $14,192!

  • 2015’s net proceeds for Foundation Day were $7,455!

  • 2018, after a two-year hiatus, and the first year for Austin to join in what became Foundation Week, we roared back with $16,390 in net proceeds and our first ever Pledge Drive, which saw us raise $13,078 for washers and dryers for Saint Louise House (Austin), which was matched by FTP, turning the Pledge Drive into $26,156 to purchase the much-needed washers and dryers!

  • 2019 had net proceeds of $29,000 and a Pledge Drive for WDSRA which raised $19,380, and with FTP's match became a $38,760 donation to WDSRA for its Fun For All Recreational Space!

  • 2021’s net proceeds were $14,593, but this year featured our biggest Pledge Drive raise EVER: $54,700 raised for BUILD and Ronald McDonald House and with FTP’s match, became a $109,400 donation, split between each great organization!

  • 2022 was another great year with net proceeds of $34,817 and a Pledge Drive for DonorsChoose, where we impacted classrooms in all 50 states. We raised $33,900, and with FTP’s match, sent $67,800 to classrooms around the country!

That brings us to 2023's Foundation Week!

The Foundation raised a total of $54,525 during the week!

  • SILENT AUCTION, with 100 items, raised $31,533

  • WHERE’S TORCHY was viewed 613 times and we had 5 winners in Wheaton and 2 in Austin

  • Wheaton: Melissa Knoepfle, Scott Lichtfuss, Amanda Mack, Anjeeta Patel and Annette Sears

  • Austin: Marissa Ferris, Morelle Tinsley


  • Wheaton: 427 M&Ms in the jar: Brad Bradley and Alana Levitan each guessed 429

  • Austin: 1723 M&Ms in the jar: Brenda Peterson, the winner, guessed 1589

  • PLEDGE DRIVE had a goal of feeding the country...all 50 states! We raised $10,255, and with a match by FTP, we'll be donating $20,510 to food banks/pantries, Northern Illinois Food Bank, the Central Texas Food Bank and Feeding America

  • SPLIT THE POT (Wheaton): We raised $2,940 and winner Nathan Simons received a check for $1,470. Congratulations Nathan!

  • PRIZE RAFFLE (Austin): First Prize of OMNI Barton Creek Resort & Spa was won by Lucas Fotis and the second Prize of a $75 gift card to ATX Cocina was won by Jud Tigerman. Congratulations Lucas and Jud!


  • Wheaton: Decorated flowerpots that we planted with flowers and plants and delivered to DuPage Care Center

  • Austin: Collected money and items for Partnerships for Children and The Dog Alliance

  • FRIDAY’S LUNCH: $5.00 contributions from folks in Austin and Wheaton were donated to the Foundation and are reflected in the total proceeds raised


  • $413,090 collected over all Foundation Weeks

  • $150,464 net proceeds to the Foundation

  • $262,626 collected from Pledge Drives and donated to organizations

Torchy and Friends at the BBQ

Split the Pot Hopefuls

Winners of Where's Torchy, below left. Right below, Winner of the M&M's Guessing Game, Alana Levitan (Brad Bradley, pictured far left, tied with Alana and won a Gift Card too (and gave Alana the jar of M&Ms)

Pictured here are a few of the auction items. Our most popular packages were Coffee with Jim, Golf with Andy, Golf with Scott, Golf with Subby, Batcave Parking, Locker Rooms, and The Need for Speed with Bob Carey. We thank each for their donation to the auction, along with others who donated items and all who joined the bidding wars!


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