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2022 Foundation Week

Foundation Week 2022, celebrating our 10th anniversary and the fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission to transform lives locally, nationally and globally was a huge success! Here are the numbers.

Silent Auction​​
  • We had 57 auction items and packages!

  • All items received bids, and there were 444 distinct bids!

  • 15 of our colleagues donated their handiwork which raised $3,865! (THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!)

  • Total auction proceeds: $35,461!

Super Pledge Drive

We raised funds for DonorsChoose, an organization the Foundation has known for years. Our goal was to raise $500 for a classroom project in every state, for a goal of $25,000 (and a match from First Trust!).The states above in orange were fully funded by the Outside Wholesaling teams, for which we are also grateful.We are pleased to announce that, through your efforts, we raised $XX, and with the match from FTP, the total raised was $XX!

Map of the U.S..jpg

Split the Pot

Ticket sales were brisk all week, and on Friday, when the drawing was held, there was a pot of $3,230, with the split of $1,615 won by Ann Giudice, who rewarded her staff with ice cream to celebrate! Way to go, Ann!

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