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The Power of One!

The FT Cares Foundation, in collaboration with By the Hand Club for Kids, is working on a brand-new and innovative program which will help kids in under-resourced neighborhoods in Chicago navigate the process of applying for high school. We will be spending time with the kids for 2-3 hours on 2 different dates.

The Details


March 19th and May 14th


4:30-5:00 – Introduction and Orientation from BTHC

5:00 – 6:00 p.m. – Work with Students


By the Hand Club for Kids (Chicago)


None needed!

Learn More About This Innovative New Program Here!

Q.   What is this program all about?

A.   Chicago’s Public School system allows kids to apply to their chosen high school (instead of defaulting to their neighborhood school). There are approximately 151 public high schools in the city. These schools “serve diverse communities and offer a range of education programs” and opportunities for students.

However, the process can be difficult, and BTHC recognizes that kids could use help in wading through the process, especially in applying for schools that match career goals, and that is where The Power of One collaboration with the Foundation and its volunteers step in.

The FT Cares Foundation has been involved with By the Hand Club for Kids since the Foundation’s earliest days. We support By The Hand’s mission of having a Christ-centered, after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them from kindergarten through college, loving and nurturing them—mind, body and soul.

Q.   What will volunteers actually be doing for this program?

A.   You will be helping students decide which high school may be a good fit for them and assisting them with the high school application process.  The first two visits are designed to familiarize the volunteers and the students with each other and the overall high school application process.

As a volunteer, you will spend time on the first visit (March 19) getting to know a small group (4-6) of 7th grade students: their interests, talents, ideas, goals. 

At the second visit (May 14th), you will meet with the same group of students and help them consider which high schools may be a good fit and explore what the students would like to gain from their high school experience. You will also be helping the students prepare checklists for what tasks are needed in order to apply in the fall. 
In the fall, the program will continue with helping the students actually apply to schools.

Q.   How will I know how to help the students decide which high school? 

A.   BTHC is putting together a tutorial to help us understand the process so when we sit down with the students we will have all the information in our hands.

Q.   Will I need to be there for both dates? 

A.   Ideally, we would hope to have the same volunteers for each session with BTHC. Consistent routines and expectations are particularly helpful for at-risk children who need an environment which helps counter a lack of predictability and/or safety in their lives outside of school.  If you want to help but are unavailable for one of the dates, please reach out to us and we will help find a way for you to participate. 

Q.   How will I get to BTHC? 

A.   The Foundation is currently working to coordinate transportation for volunteers. If you would prefer to drive yourself, we will give you directions on where you need to be. When we have concrete plans, we will be in touch with each volunteer for transportation options to and from BTHC.

Q.   Can I bring my child? 

A.   BTHC feels that this high school application process doesn't lend itself to having a child as part of the volunteer group. The Foundation is exploring other options for younger kids to be involved in a program with BTHC.

Q.   What is the timeline? 

A.  The application period opens in the fall, so kids we’ll be working with will be applying for their chosen high school(s) beginning then, with the process closing in November. 

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