July Impact

Military, First Responders and Their Families

July is "Military, First Responders and Their Families" Month. Most of us love to hear the National Anthem played. Whether we're at a professional ballgame, a parade or watching the Olympics, we can feel our hearts swell with pride every time we hear it. The Star Spangled Banner, though written during the War of 1812, has obviously stood the test of time. Just as our country has. 

As is often said, Freedom Isn’t Free. Americans can thank a long line of men and women whose heroism and valor have defended this country throughout our (over) 240-year history (some of ours are pictured below, center, from a picture taken a few years ago). The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was visited by the Foundation a couple of years ago.


This month we remember all those who have ensured that the greatest country in the world has stood the test of time. If you are the parent, wife, husband, brother, sister…or any other relation to a current (or former) member of the military, know that FT Cares Foundation is always looking for ways to support our military and we have throughout our history.


The simple act of recognizing our military personnel (buy their coffee, or their meal or upgrade them to first class...!), and teach your children to do simple acts of gratitude too for our brave men and women. Our current military personnel and vets have made sure that this country has remained the “land of the free and the home of the brave”​.