Ember – Birthdate 6/21/19

In the Spring of 2019, the Foundation made a donation to one of its favored partners - NEADS World Class Service Dogs.  In turn, we received the honor of naming one of NEADS puppies that would enter into their service dog training program.  During Foundation Week in June 2019, we held a contest to decide on what “our” puppy should be named. The winning name was Ember!  Doreen Sheridan, Supervisor of Foundation Relations for NEADS, provides us updates on Ember.


On September 9, 2019 we received our first update about Ember:


“Ember was born on 6/21/19, and is at the Laura J. Niles Early Learning Center (ELC) on the NEADS campus.  While she is at the ELC, our puppy program staff will continue with Ember’s socialization and obedience cues.  Ember will have plenty of time to play with the other puppies; both inside the ELC and in the outside fenced in play yard.  We have lots of interactive toys to keep the pups busy and happy.  In addition, Ember will have one-on-one playtime and socialization with staff and volunteers; a favorite job!”


Update on October 1, 2019:


“Ember has been placed in our Prison PUP program at JJ Moran Correctional Facility in Rhode Island.  She is the youngest puppy in that program (13 pups are in training at JJ Moran, all ages and levels of training).  Her inmate handler is working on her basic obedience and socialization.  Ember is doing a good job!


Ember will be spending her weekends with a weekend raiser to further her socialization.”


Update on January 14, 2020:


“Ember is 7 months old!


Her inmate handler has taught Ember the basic obedience cues.  Now, she is learning more advanced cues.  Some of these cues are; closer (pup moves closer to the person), back (pup takes a step backward), under (pup goes under a table, bench, or desk), left (pup moves to the left side of the person’s body), right (pup moves to the right side of the person’s body) and hold (pup holds an object in his/her mouth until given the cue, “give”, to release the object into a person’s hand).


Ember and her weekend raiser are taking field trips to youth sporting events, shopping malls, fast food restaurants, libraries and small towns.”


Ember chew toy.jpg
Ember nap time.jpg
Ember practicing down stay.jpg
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