December Impact

Christmas Traditions and Sharing

Christmas is a joyous holiday, full of meaningful traditions. But as we grow older, we realize that Christmas is also important in how we celebrate it with friends and with our fellow employees.

First Trust has a long tradition of helping others in need at Christmas. The Foundation created our Giving Tree five years ago, and it always gets a huge response from our firm. For 2017, here is how the Foundation, through your generosity, helped those in need:

  • A large SUV-full of toys and games and dolls and superheroes and Legos and mittens and hats...all went to Family Shelter Service, which provides services and programs to help those healing from domestic abuse and violence

  • Another large SUV-full of toys and games and balls and other fun activities went to Cal's Angels, an organization which gives toys to kids and their siblings who are getting treatment at Lurie Children's Hospital.

  • Milton Township also received a total of 50 gift cards for Kohl's, Target and Jewel for families it serves to be able to get extra help for Christmas.

  • Several of us were privileged to spend an evening at the Ronald McDonald House on December 14th, where we helped kids build Gingerbread houses.

Whatever traditions are special to you and your families, the Foundation wishes many blessings on you and yours during the month of December, and we thank you for helping us spread cheer and help during this holiday of love.