Hurricane Ian Relief
Our South Sales Wholesaling Teams Are Helping!
Hurricane Ian.jpg
Hurricane Ian making landfall in Florida
Utility Trucks WLRN Media.jpg
43,000 utility workers helped
restore electricity
Ian Flooding Map NY Times.jpg
The blue areas represent scale of flooding

For several days before September 28th, Florida residents braced for what was coming ashore: Hurricane Ian. After watching the hurricane swirl in the Atlantic, no one could have been truly prepared as Ian made landfall that afternoon as a Category 4 hurricane, with 150 mph winds.

Four of our own, Outside Wholesalers Matt Stowell, John Molinari, Jack Prestigiacomo and Pat Bless, began going through their territories as soon as the wind and floods were receding. Here are some of the earliest photos Matt took.

Damage from MS 4.jpg
Damage from MS 6.jpg
Damage from MS 5.jpg
Damage from MS 2.jpg
Pine Island, FL
Pine Island Map.jpg

Left, location of Pine Island on the Southwest Coast of Florida. It is the largest island on the Gulf Coast of peninsular Florida. Pine Island was a major commercial fishing community for many years and there are still full-time residents who fish commercially today.

Reuters Pic of Pine Island Broken Bridge.jpg
Pine Island Bridge Being Repaired.jpg

Above, Pine Island bridge is damaged and impassable after Ian. Above, right, Pine Island bridge repairs were begun almost immediately. 

The Florida Highway Patrol & Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reestablished road access to Pine Island on October 7th, in 3 days' time, which helped get supplies and other help to victims of Ian and allowed our wholesaling teams to get access.

Pine Island Bridge Repaired 2.jpg
Spotlight on Teachers In Lee County

An NBC affiliate in Lee County, Florida, filed this story: 

The woman speaking outside her home is Jennifer Jackson. Here are pictures of what is left of her family's home. She is one of hundreds and hundreds of families in the same desperate situation.

Jackson Family Home.jpg
Jackson Family Home Interior.jpg
Jackson Family Home Interior 2.jpg
Jackson Family Home Interior 3.jpg