This is the Impact YOU Made!

Foundation Week 2022 Pledge Drive!

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This past July, during our annual Foundation Week celebration, we had a Pledge Drive for DonorsChoose, an organization the Foundation has known, and made donations to, for many years.
DonorsChoose was created by a teacher in the Bronx to help public school teachers post requests for classroom resources (teachers, today, still spend about $500 out of their own pockets for resources for their classrooms). DonorsChoose has vetted and fulfilled over 2 million classroom project requests.
Thank YOU to each donor who contributed to our Pledge Drive. You helped fund A LOT of classroom projects, and the Foundation is immensely grateful!

OUR GOAL was to raise $500 for classrooms in EVERY state in the country, for a goal of $25,000 (and a match from First Trust!).

Through YOUR GENEROSITY, and in one day, we raised $33,900, and with the match from FTP, the total raised was $67,800!

The Numbers

All information provided by DonorsChoose

Total Donations
# of Schools Helped
# of Teachers Helped
# of Projects Supported
Estimated Number of Students Impacted

Breakdown of How Funds Were Allocated

THANK YOU to each donor who contributed. 

You helped fund A LOT of classroom projects,

and we are immensely grateful!

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Top States Supported.png

DonorsChoose gave us this readout of teachers from around the country, 270 of whom thanked us for the funds they received for their classrooms.

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