August Impact

Trauma Support

The Foundation puts the spotlight on "Education and Child Development" this month. Children and children's issues have always been important to the Foundation. Of course kids are the future of our world, and we are also mindful that kids are among the most vulnerable citizens of the world.

Through the years, the Foundation has helped with:

  • building a school playground


  • purchasing educational tools and supplies  

  • collecting coats, hats, boots, and mittens and other necessary clothes items

  • book drives, because reading truly IS fundamental

  • getting nutritious food to  kids

  • organizations that help kids who are victims of domestic violence or kids who need a little extra help with developmental or emotional issues

  • In 2017, the Foundation and First Trust helped to build a school in Mexico!

As Frederick Douglass said "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men and women."