2018 August Impacts

Trauma Support

With a mission to empower at-risk youth through outdoor experiential adventures that foster healthy relationships and responsible behavior, Chicago Voyagers is transforming the lives of students in Chicago and suburbs.  Their successful program at Addison Trail High School in Addison, IL, has given rise to the need to expand to other high schools in that area serving high-risk youth.  The Foundation was proud to help fund that expansion to Willowbrook High School with a donation of $4500

Globally, 263 million children and youth are not in school, two million of whom are in Uganda. Access to good schools is scarce and parents with limited or cyclical income cannot afford the costs. In alignment with at least 7 Sustainable Development Goals, including qualify education and gender equality, Opportunity International (OI)  designs and delivers financial services tailored for education-related needs, such as funding a school proprietor to build a new classroom, or helping parents pay the education costs associated with sending all of their children to school. OI’s education products provide sustainable and socially transformative solutions to entrenched barriers to finishing school. For examples, OI structures loans with terms that match harvest times when lending to farmers. When farmers’ incomes increase they send children to school and create jobs for day laborers in the community, reducing the time children spend in the field and increasing classroom and study time. In support of this much needed effort, the Foundation was honored to donate $3000 to OI’s education mission.

Donors Choose.org is an innovative organization that lets teachers around the nation post requests for donors to fund their classroom projects.  The Foundation was pleased to grant $4026.47 complete projects in states including Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, Kentucky and Maine.


  • To commemorate our long-standing partnership with Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF), the Foundation was pleased to donate $5160 to the MLF’s Birthday Party in celebration of their 20th Anniversary.  MLF’s mission is to empower people into a lifetime of service with the homeless.


  • Normal Moments is an organization devoted to supporting parents with critically ill children in the home, in the hospital, and via web resources so that they can spend as much time as possible sharing the most normal moments possible with their children. The Foundation was proud to donate $1000 to the incredibly thoughtful mission.


  • As a sponsor of the second annual “An Evening of Random Acts”, the Foundation donated $2500 to Random Acts Matter, an organization that strives to inspire and mobilize the community to provide care and have compassion through random acts of kindness and support.